DIY horse first aid kit

Horse Health 101: DIY Horse First Aid Kit

DIY Horse First Aid Kit Every Horse Owner Needs

Every horse owner dreads the day they may need to administer first aid to their horse, whether it be a simple scratch or something worse. While we hope that these days never come, it is important to be prepared if they do. Having a first aid kit ready for your horse is one of the number one things you need at your barn. This post will walk you through step by step to make your own horse first aid kit.

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Essential Tools and Items

  • Thermometer – It’s recommended that you take your horse’s temperature often and know what his/her’s normal temperature is. The average range for adult horses is 99-101 degrees Fahrenheit (37.2-38.3 C)
  • Stethoscope – This works great for listening to your horse’s gut sounds along with taking their heart rate.
  • Saline solution – This is much better than regular water when flushing out a wound.
  • Gauze pads and gauze roll – For wound dressing.
  • Bandage tape – Waterproof and heavy-duty tape is best. Duct tape can work in emergencies.
  • Scissors – For cutting tape and gauze.
  • Latex gloves – or non-latex. These are important to protect your horse and yourself from infection.
  • Notetaking supplies
  • Flashlight – to see small injuries better.

Common Drugs

ALWAYS consult with your vet before administering drugs for safety and dosage information.

  • Banamine (Flunixin Meglamine) – Strong analgesic and antipyretic.
  • Bute (Phenylbutazone) – Common anti-inflammatory.
  • Dipyrone (Metamizole) – Anti-spasmodic and mild analgesic.

Extra / Optional Items For Your Horse First Aid Kit

  • Clippers – clearing hair to apply medication.
  • Hoof soaking basin
  • – Anything from a bucket to a specially designed soaking bag will work for soaking hooves.
  • Instant ice and heat packs – Be sure to consult with a vet on whether you should apply heat or ice to a wound.
  • Diapers – These work great for absorbing blood/fluid from wounds and for packing hooves.
  • Electrolytes – These come in water mix-ins, paste, or food toppers.

What do you have in your horse first aid kit? Comment below to share your ideas for keeping a horse first aid kit stocked up.

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