ten stall boredom busters for the horse on stall rest

Top Stall boredom busters For Horses

10 Of The Top Stall Boredom Busters For Horses On Stall Rest

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When my horse injured his stifle and had to go on long-term stall rest I was afraid he’d tear the whole pen to the ground. The first week was spent pacing, pawing, bucking, and calling for his herd. I had to think of something quickly to keep him mentally occupied since he couldn’t leave his pen. Through trial and error I have come up with a list of the top ten stall boredom busters for horses.

1. Jolly Ball

My horse loves his jolly ball! He kicks his around the pen and shakes it by the handle. Jolly Ball now makes an apple-scented ball to encourage horses who may need extra encouragement to start playing with it.

2. Traffic Cones

Traffic cones can be fun for horses to kick and paw at. Some even like to pick them up and toss them. My horse has one with his name on it that he keeps in his pen. They’re also quite tough so even ponies that like to play rough do well with them.

3. Salt or Mineral Lick

It’s important that your horse gets an adequate amount of salts and minerals each day. While most grains supply this, it’s a good idea to offer free-choice access to salts. Horses will naturally self-regulate themselves so there’s no need to worry about them over-eating.

4. Likit Boredom Treats

Likit treats are one of my horse’s favorite treats. They come in multiple flavors for even the pickiest of eaters. There are also several different styles of holders for the treats depending on how you want to mount them. I have a hanging one that holds a large Likit and two mini ones.

5. Treat Dispensing Ball

This is my horse’s favorite toy hands down. Every time I enter his pen he rolls it over to me as if he’s asking for me to refill it. Once it’s refilled he will push it around for an hour just to get the treats out. The treat dispensing ball has flat, faceted sides so that it doesn’t roll out of control and is super durable. If I could only recumbent one of these top stall boredom busters for horses, it would definitely be this one.

6. Barrel

Barrels are fun for horses that have a larger pen space. Make sure that you get one with both ends covered. My horse has a fun time knocking them over and pawing at them.

7. Hanging Treats

Hanging treats are similar to the Likit treats. These hanging treats are a horse’s dream! They’re yummy and take time for your horse to eat, successfully keeping him busy for a while. They can get somewhat sticky if you live in a hot climate, but are perfect for the fall and winter time.

8. Scratching Pad

If you’re able to mount things in your horse’s pen or stall I would highly recommend getting a scratching pad. Horses love to have something to scratch those hard to reach places. Just make sure the wall is strong enough that aggressive rubbing won’t bend or loosen the bars.

9. Pas-A-Fier for Horses

Worried about your horse cribbing or getting mouthy? This Pas-A-Fier by Horseman’s Pride is great for your horse to lick and chew that doesn’t destroy the wood panels of your stall.

10. Mega Ball for Horses

This mega ball for horses is another fun toy for your horse to kick around. It’s best suited for larger pens where it won’t get in the way of your horse’s sleeping spot.

What do you think? Have you tried any of these boredom busters for your stall-bound horse? I’d love to hear from you about your techniques to keep your horse busy and engaged. Leave a comment bellow and reach out if you have any questions or ideas for Equine Overload.

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